Mardi 17 octobre à 19h30  (date limite inscription : 10/10)

Une belle soirée en perspective, pleine de rythme et de musiques entrainantes. Nous vous invitons à venir nous rejoindre pour voir cette nouvelle comédie musicale, orchestrée et jouée par Hossan. Nous vous proposerons à la sortie du spectacle de finir la soirée autour d’un verre si vous le souhaitez. En attendant, pour changer, voici l’histoire de cette comédie en anglais : It is 2067 and a nursing home houses a group of actors who were previously pillars of the Singapore arts scene. Looked after by their no-nonsense nurse, Sister Sara, these nonagenarians still think they’re limber enough to belt out musical theatre canons, rock classics, and the occasional scene from better known local television shows. Once Sister Sara leaves the room, the wigs come off, dentures fly, and walking frames become stage props and you’ll know why they say age is only a (musical) number.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Sing’theatre presents FOREVER YOUNG! a hilarious jukebox musical adapted by Benjamin Lee from the original European cult hit written by the Swiss writer Erik Gedeon.

Rock in your chairs to Bruno Mars, Britney Spears, and for the hard of hearing, there’s even Led Zeppelin!

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